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LVP: The timeless beauty of wood--and waterproof

LVP (luxury vinyl plank) lets you have wood where you normally couldn’t have timber. Wood floors are trending hot these days. For 45 years, Tim Hogan's Dalton GA Carpet Outlet has been helping homeowners in the Fort Worth area discover their preferred flooring, whether it be carpet, tile, wood, laminate or luxury vinyl plank. Our products are of high quality, but we save you money by eliminating the middleman and using the direct pricing from the mills.

Vinyl is certainly not what you may remember from decades ago, and you’ll be pleasantly shocked when you walk into a flooring store and see our LVP offerings. Come visit any of our showrooms in Grapevine or Fort Worth, TX. We also service Southlake, Haltom City, and surrounding areas. Be sure to ask about our estimates.

What is LVP?

What is LVP? LVP looks like hardwood floors and but, unlike wood, it is waterproof and cannot be damaged by liquid. Vinyl strips, which include portrayals of various domestic and exotic species, are first cut and then mounted on boards to mimic wood planks. The images are created with 3-D photography; the resemblances are so clear and realistic you'll see every knot, raised grain, veining, and swirl.

Texturing adds depth and dimension, and the planks are available in matte or gloss finishes. Many people use LVP to simulate the appearance of stone or concrete, feeling that the larger format/few seams add even more realism. One of the main benefits is the waterproof capability. LVP can be installed in high moisture areas, such as bathrooms, where genuine wood cannot be placed.

Other benefits include:

  1. Style. It might be a hard-working and waterproof flooring but, as our retailers explain, there’s no plain, industrial-like appearance with this. It comes in a large assortment of species, veinings, colors, patterns and more. The look is so sophisticated, we’re seeing it in every room in the house.
  2. Durable. All vinyl is strong, and this is a layered product with the top being a protective clear wear sheet. It keeps the floor scuff-free, scratch-free and stain-resistant.
  3. Easy care: A broom and mop are all that's needed.
  4. Simple installation. You can even do-it-yourself if you’re so inclined. With few exceptions, it can be placed over an existing subfloor. The pieces just click together like a puzzle.