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Why you should hire professionals for flooring removal

This might seem basic, but have you ever tried to remove say, tile, flooring yourself? The cutting, chipping and hammering alone is back-breaking, tedious, and now you’ve created a mess of epic proportions.

The removal is an important part of the installation process. While some materials can be placed over existing floors, there are always certain requirements. It must be smooth, dry and clean; otherwise, you'll end up with a bumpy, rough and uneven new floor.

For 45 years, Tim Hogan's Dalton GA Carpet Outlet has been helping homeowners in the Fort Worth area discover their preferred flooring, whether it be carpet, tile, wood, laminate or luxury vinyl plank.While it’s always a good thing to save money, some things are just not worth doing yourself. There can be last-minute problems, timing issues or other challenges that can affect an installation.

Come visit either of our showrooms in Grapevine or Fort Worth, TX. We also service Southlake, Haltom City, and surrounding areas. Be sure to ask about our estimates.

Not for DIY!

These are just some reasons why you shouldn’t try it yourself:

  • There are flooring differences. We always say that each flooring type requires different skills and tools when it comes to installation. That goes for removal as well. Some are easier than others to pull up.
  • It can result in costly repair and replacement: When removal isn't done properly, it can cause damage to the subfloor, as well as the area around it. When not prepared properly a subfloor will negatively impact the surface floor and your investment. Also, do you want to spend extra money to place items? A pro will keep everything in check.
  • It creates a lot of dust. It's not just a matter of time for the clean-up, but it can also affect the new floor. Particles can circulate in the air that you don't see, then end up in adhesives, stains, and varnishes.
Flooring Removal in Fort Worth, TX area from Tim Hogan's Dalton GA Carpet Outlet

Like anything, strategic planning makes all the difference

There’s some critical information you should know but may not know or remember.

This includes things such as the age of the flooring, past problems or challenges, what installation method was used. All a professional has to do is look at it to know, but you won’t have this knowledge.