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Euless Carpet Flooring

No matter which homes you peek inside throughout the area, it seems most places have the same wood or tiles. When you need softer décor choices or quieter indoor living spaces, it helps to have dedicated Euless carpet flooring experts.

How many times has your local hardware retailer left you wishing there was more options or a better flooring variety? At Tim Hogan’s Flooring, we continue to stock more carpets and other floors for less with our convenient showroom locations.

Euless, Texas, residents know that we offer a broad range of options in colors, textures, materials, and more every day. When you need to save on superior carpet floorings and more solutions, we can keep your home appearing its best.
If you can’t seem to separate your house’s interior from your neighbors, we can assist you with better carpet brands. See why we remain your trusted local source for flooring since 1974 and save more on your superior selection now.

Your Euless carpet flooring experts

The average homeowner doesn’t realize how many different forms of carpet floors exist, or which ones will suit them best. When you have muddy pawprints to consider or an adventurous toddler, you need flooring that takes a beating every day.

From floors that defend against stubborn stains, to unique patterns and textures you won’t see in stores, choose our showrooms. We guarantee your best selection of new carpet flooring and better product pricing than with anyone else in the community.
Your improvement project doesn’t need to break the bank to make your home look great for years after its installation. Visit our shops today and see our broad selection of carpet flooring and save more on your favorite brands for:

  • Saxony carpets/velvet carpet
  • Plush carpet floors
  • Texture carpet
  • Cut loop/cut pile
  • Level loop carpets
  • Berber carpet flooring
  • Multi-level loop carpets
  • Frieze carpet floors
  • Pattern carpet
  • Carpet tile flooring
  • Nylon fiber
  • Polyester carpet floors
  • And more Euless carpet flooring options.

We can keep your home modern with our best selection of carpets, or assist you with other materials and more. See what our showrooms can do for your upcoming improvement project and save more on quality new floors for less.

Euless carpet flooring near me

Carpet floors seem the option more homeowners prefer for warmer surfaces and quieter, more peaceful indoor living spaces every day. However, you have lots to consider, as some can trip pets living inside while others can keep stains coming back.

No matter your exact needs, our friendly staff always helps you find the perfect new carpets floors on every visit. Whether you need to add luxury or keep rooms more comfortable, we carry the selection your home needs the most.
Even if you don’t know which style of cut or what materials suit you most, we always have a solution. See why we remain your local flooring experts since 1974.

Choose Tim Hogan's Flooring today when you need a better selection and pricing for your new carpet floors.


Best pricing in the Metroplex

If you’re looking for the best carpet without breaking your budget, then you have come to the right place. Our outlet pricing is a huge savings. We can provide you with quality carpet that will beautify your home and meet your specific budget and performance needs.

Call us at (817) 831-4167 now and ask about our carpet specials!


Largest selection

Whether you’re looking for textures, plushes, berbers, or friezes, Tim Hogan’s offers exactly what you are looking for. We have a professional knowledgeable staff that can answer any question you may have. Our experience coupled with the largest carpet and flooring inventory in North Texas –- Tim Hogan’s guarantees you will find the perfect new carpet that you’re looking for.
Luxury carpet in Fort Worth, TX from Tim Hogan's Dalton GA Carpet Outlet

Immediate installation

At Tim Hogan’s Dalton GA Carpet Outlet, immediate installation is available now. What does that mean to you? That means no long waiting time from the time you purchase your carpet until the installation. We will immediately work with you to find a date and time that fits into your busy schedule and we will be there.

The Next Step to New Carpet is simple.

  1. Call or come by our showroom nearest you.
  2. Pick the carpet from our selection that fits your needs.
  3. Schedule Installation
  4. Tim Hogan’s will do the Rest

Call us now! (817) 831-4167