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Three tile flooring looks

Three tile flooring looks

This year is all about flooring creativity. Walking into our tile store, you'll see some of the brightest colors and exciting shapes and sizes.

Please read further to see three of the most eye-catching looks. First, the manufacturers can create intricate patterns that echo the real thing through modern technology called Inkjet.

Encaustic decorative tiles

Right now, decorative tiles are all the rage. Genuine encaustic tiles are ornate and handcrafted. Rather than through glazing, they get their color by mixing five or six different types of clays.

Genuine encaustic tiles are pricey. Check out Union Square Becker by Interceramic in our tile shop.

Encaustic-style are much more budget-friendly, yet, you'll still have that feeling of art, brilliance, and craftsmanship.

Marble looks and other stones

Just the word "marble" conjures images of luxury and opulence. Right now, marble floors in the bathroom are trending hot. However, it's also timeless, so it will never go out of style.

Marble floors are particularly hot. That's especially so in the bathroom, where you can give it the atmosphere of a high-end spa or 5-star hotel.

Genuine marble’s also pricey. And prone to scratches.

Marble look floor tile, such as Contessa by Emser Tile, is the answer. You can also get granite, travertine, terrazzo and other stone looks.

Wood look tile

This combines the beauty of wood with the function of tile.

You'll get intricate patterns with knots, swirls, and color variations. You'll also feel it when you run your hand over the raised grains and textures.

The floor tile is cut into planks of all sizes.

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Tim Hogan's Dalton GA Carpet eliminates the middle man by paying directly to manufacturers. That means you save, whether it's tile flooring or another product.

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