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The joy of sharing space with Karastan rugs

The joy of sharing space with Karastan rugs

Have you ever thought about the idea that the rug on your floor could become the centerpiece of the room? Indeed, beautifully crafted and timeless Karastan rugs set the foundation for everything else in a place and might very well become a cherished piece for decades into the future. Here’s why you should let yourself fall in love with a Karastan rug today.

What is a Karastan rug?

Karastan rugs are a work of art that, with care, will grace your home for a lifetime. The typical Karastan, crafted in the United States, warms your indoor areas with New Zealand wool. In keeping with modern lifestyles, it’s also possible to purchase one containing manufactured stain resistant fibers. 

Fits every style

These beautifully crafted floor coverings are designed to stand the test of time, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find one that fits your current style. The designers at Karastan continually update the carpet line to include colors and patterns that will appeal to modern families while also maintaining a trendless elegance within each rug to ensure that it lives alongside decorating changes over time.

When it comes to selecting the ideal rug for an indoor space, Karastan encourages you to think about what type of (1) color, (2) pattern, and (3) texture suits your style. With a vast array of floor coverings to choose from, you won’t have any difficulty finding one that evokes the feeling that you’re going for in a room.

It’s also important to give thought to other factors such as (1) children, (2) pets, and the (3) location of the rug. A home energized by the presence of toddlers and several golden retrievers will most likely benefit from a different area rug than one chosen for a seldom-used room in a tranquil home. Matching a carpet to your lifestyle is the key to falling in love with the beautiful rugs that highlight your home.

You can also contact us for friendly help in choosing a high-quality area rug for your home. We’re very familiar with all of the rug brands that we carry, and we’d love to help match you with a fantastic rug.

Fuss-free maintenance

Who wants an area rug that requires lots of upkeep to stay in shape? One of the best aspects of living with a Karastan carpet is that it’s not challenging to maintain.

Handy maintenance tips include:
  • Vacuum regularly (around two times a week)
  • Clean up spills as quickly as possible
  • Turn rug around every few months to even wear
  • Use a brush to remove pet hair
  • Locate mats at outside doors to keep dirt outdoors

Experts also say that it’s a smart idea to have your area rugs professionally cleaned regularly. The Carpet and Rug Institute encourages you to bring your area rugs to a professional rug cleaner every twelve or eighteen months for thorough washing and repairs.

Purchasing beautiful flooring, like Karastan rugs, that you hope will last for generations is a significant investment. Spending the time necessary to find one that meets your lifestyle and budget needs while also making you feel intensely satisfied is key to a successful purchase.